Play is a Child's Work

At Lakehill Preschool, we strongly believe that play is children’s work, and with this philosophy we strive to create rich learning environments and opportunities that are inclusive, child centered, and adaptable to the children’s needs at any given time, meeting the individual needs and developmental levels of the children in our care.

We value the importance of open-ended play, as we believe play is one of a child’s most natural actions. We know it is vital to provide safe environments where children have structured and unstructured opportunities to learn through play, allowing them freedom to develop their whole self.

Through appropriate modeling, positive guidance, and a nurturing environment children are able to become independent and develop their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills through diverse indoor and outdoor play.

Lakehill’s Educators consider families the most important aspect of a child’s life and we are committed to communicating and collaborating openly on a regular basis with parents and caregivers. As a parent participation preschool we are excited to welcome caregivers into our centre at any time, not only on their scheduled participation days, giving them opportunities to watch their child’s development first-hand.

Parent Participation

We are a Parent Participation Preschool; this means that the school is owned and operated by the parents whose children are attending classes. As a parent you also have the opportunity to choose to be in the classroom with your child throughout the school year. You’ll get a first-hand opportunity to watch your child develop socially, artistically and imaginatively. Lakehill Preschool has developed different levels of participation to accommodate the busy lives of our parents and to allow for various levels of commitment within the preschool. Please inquire for more information.

Lakehill Cooperative Preschool is licensed by the Community Care Facility Act/Child Care Regulations. The preschool is incorporated under the Provincial Societies Act. The Early Childhood Educators are professionally qualified and licensed by the Provincial Government.

The preschool is a member of the Vancouver Island Cooperative Preschool Association (VICPA).