Parent Ed Makeup

Missed this month’s meeting? Choose an assignment and complete the Parent Ed Makeup Form below. As a licencing requirement, all homework must be completed BY THE 25th OF THE SAME MONTH that you missed. On the 26th of the month, the Secretary will contact the Class Reps with the names of any parents who have not yet submitted their homework. The Class Reps will follow up with those parents. If there are extraordinary circumstances, the Class Rep can discuss the circumstances with the Executive to see if there is a way to help the parent. If there are no extraordinary circumstances and the parent has still not submitted their homework by the end of the month, the Class Rep will help that parent transition to a Partial Participation (PP) family. PPs pay more ($56 -$60 per month), but do not have to attend the monthly meetings (except for the mandatory meetings). Similarly, you may be asked to transition to a PP if you have missed more than two monthly meetings in a school year (Sep-Jun). Parents may only change participation levels once per semester (Sep-Dec, Jan-Jun).

In addition to the form below, you may also download the form to be printed and completed by hand. You can also find pre-printed forms at the preschool in a specially marked slot in the cubby area. If you are choosing to complete by hand, please drop off the completed form in the Secretary’s inbox at the preschool.


Parent Ed Makeup Form

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