Frequently Asked Questions

Helper days offer an opportunity to be in the classroom with your child, and to watch him or her grow and learn things along the way. Your job as parents in the classroom is to assist the ECE as an extra set of eyes and hands–eyes for overcoming conflicts, and hands for helping with what needs to be done. Parents are supervisory assistants who enrich the program in many ways.


The fees each family pays do not cover all the operating expense for our co-operative preschool. Each spring, when our budget is presented, families vote on the fees that will be paid the following year.
Based on that information we will know how much of a shortfall there will be. Fundraising covers this shortfall.

We, the parents, run the school and are responsible for its day-to-day operation. Each family must take on one of the many jobs (from paint and playdough to secretary) to keep the school running smoothly. If you have any problems (i.e. the job doesn’t fit) you need to let the executive member in charge of your job know so that he or she can help.


The ECE will discuss developmental stages of preschoolers, the value of learning through play and how an age-appropriate program facilitates the intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth of your child. The value of each area of the classroom, open-ended art activities, equipment and balancing of the program will also be addressed. These components are also required for the licensing of our preschool, and they must be completed before you can have the opportunity to be in class with your child.


2.5 hours of Observation: Allows you to observe a class in session and to decide if our learning through play philosophy interests your family.

2.5 hours May Meeting: This is your first taste of Parent Education and an opportunity to get together with other parents. The business meeting follows the speaker and you will have a chance to ask any questions

2.5 hours of Philosophy: Philosophy night is a chance for the ECE to discuss the developmental stages of a preschooler and the value of learning through play.

2.5 hours Practical Workshop: Your ECE will go through the daily routine. Where things are in the preschool, special events, snacks, discipline, and tips to help you become an effective assistant in the class.
All these meetings are for the caregivers only. Please find care for your child on these evenings, with the exception of nursing babies.

No, it is important that on your helper day you focus on the tasks at hand. It is also important to your child that he or she has some special time with you, and another child would distract from that.


In addition to the observation, practical workshop and philosophy nights you are required to participate, as a further condition of the Provincial Child Care Facilities Licensing Board regarding parent assistants, in a monthly parent education component. This takes place at our monthly general meeting.


If every once in a while something comes up and you can not do your duty day, just switch with another parent in your class.


This is a parent participation preschool, however that does not mean that our philosophy does not fit your ideals. It is possible to ask another member of your family or a close friend who is willing to do the 10 hours of orientation to do your helper days for you; they must also attend the general meetings, or you may choose to come to stay connected. The family must also have a job within the preschool.

Another possibility is to talk to your employer about the possibility of taking one half-day off approximately every 2 weeks, so you can come to the preschool and do the days yourself!

It’s easy at times when life is busy and you have an active preschooler (and perhaps others?!) to feel overwhelmed, but you are not alone! Support is available! If you are not sure who to ask, just ask anyone. We, as a Cooperative, want everyone to feel supported and valued. You will feel on track after you settle into the routine–it happens, really!


Tuition can be paid with post-dated cheques, or by direct debit. To set up direct debit, our treasurer will need your bank account details (account number, branch number and transit number). Bringing a VOID cheque to one of the monthly parent education meetings is the simplest way to get these details to our treasurer. We will also need you to sign a consent form, which our treasurer will have available at the meetings.